When Life Gives You Lemons

I wear them!

I’m not really sure how to introduce this post, to be honest. Self-promotion doesn’t come easily to me.

But, if you’ve visited the About page, you already know that professionally I am a textile designer. I develop prints (artwork for fabric) for LOFT Outlet, and cooking is actually a hobby of mine. So, from time to time, I like to share when food and fashion intersect. As an enthusiastic cook, sometimes I like to express my love for food through what I wear.

Over the years, I’ve developed so many prints. Fashion moves quickly, and I couldn’t even begin to quantify, really. But every once in a while, I work on a print that I become especially attached to.

The silk scarf I’m wearing

About a year ago, I hand painted a lemon print as part of LOFT Outlet’s Spring 2020 assortment. I don’t often have the time to actually paint at work, so the collection of prints that I developed from my painting were extra special. They would have been a major feature in stores this past April. Sadly, because of the pandemic, all of our stores were closed.

How cute is this jumpsuit?!

The best part of working in fashion is getting to see the finished product. I never, ever get tired of seeing people wearing clothing that I helped design. It’s not so different than getting to see others enjoying a meal that I prepared. I didn’t really get to do that with my lemon prints, and now that it’s May, I just wanted to give them some last bit of love before they fade into the e-commerce afterlife. Fashion will move on, as fashion always does.

And while LOFT Outlet is still my employer, they in no way sponsored this post. I’m just especially proud of this particular project, and wanted to share. I’ve linked to all of the products shown here – they’ll remain active as long as everything is still available online. I won’t directly profit from any purchases you make, but it’s a really great company to work for, and like any other retailer at this time, they could use any support you feel you can offer.

I also love these lemon bouquets! Such a cute top.

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