Recipes I Cooked: May 2020

I am officially CUCKOO for kuku sabzi!

As I gathered this month’s list of recipes, it became abundantly clear just how much we’ve been missing Indian food! Our favorite neighborhood takeout place has been closed completely, and we have no idea if they’ll be able to, or even plan to reopen once it’s safe for restaurants to do so.

As someone who enjoys many different cuisines, I have no words to really express how I feel about the national conversation we’re currently having about racism. We CAN do better, and we MUST do better. It seems almost out of touch to write about food at the moment, but maybe not given the Alison Roman/Chrissy Teigen conversation.

I want to continue to highlight the recipes so generously shared by people of color. I will forever be a student of their techniques, flavors and histories.

Here’s what I tried:

Aloo Gobi from Cook with Manali

After the less-than-stellar results that I got from Smitten Kitchen’s curry recipe last month, I went looking for other iterations. Thankfully, I stumbled on Manali’s website.

I should’ve pre-cooked my cauliflower and potatoes a bit more than I did, and I didn’t have the dry mango powder that the recipe called for. I used ground black lime from Burlap & Barrel, and the result was delicious! I’m already looking forward to trying more of Manali’s recipes.

Cauliflower, Cashew Pea and Coconut Curry from The New York Times

This was probably my favorite dish from all of May! Written by Tejal Rao, it was very easy to make, and leaving out most of the chiles didn’t effect the flavor at all, really. It was rich, hearty, and I’ll definitely be adding this vegan recipe to our regular rotation.

Potato Soup with Indian Spices from The New York Times

David Tanis, how did you know I’d have a large pile of potatoes to cook through?

I added a dollop of yogurt to mine. It was easy, simple, comforting. It was perfect for tackling the mountain of potatoes in my kitchen, and I got to actually use some of the asafoetida I bought from Kalustyan’s a while back!

Black Pepper Poke Salmon Bowl from Nadiya Hussain

I was so excited to see Nadiya’s Time to Eat on Netflix! I then proceeded to binge watch the entire thing while baking pie from scratch one day (a nearly all day affair).

Her poke bowls were great! Admittedly, I used trout instead of salmon. We received a pair of very fresh trout in our Honey Badger market box. I ate my trout raw, but cooked my partner’s. The highlight of this recipe really is the mayo-based sauce. I’m sure it’d also be delicious in a tuna salad.

This is the first recipe of Nadiya’s that I’ve tried, and I can’t wait to try a few more. I’ll definitely be doing a more in depth post about them.

Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee from The New York Times

It is officially cold brew season!

Sadly, this was just sort of meh. It’s such a small amount of cold brew, and it wasn’t particularly concentrated. We thought it was much improved without watering it down, as the instructions say to do.

Kuku Sabzi from Samin Nosrat

Kuku sabzi is officially the hero recipe of CSA boxes. At one point, we had so many greens in our fridge, getting to the milk or the eggs was like digging through shrubbery!

Kuku sabzi is far superior to both frittatas and quiche, in my opinion. I love the exaggerated ratio of greens to eggs. And in one dish, I had successfully cooked through a bundle of ramps, some spring onions, a big bag of watercress, some wild spinach and some sad collard greens that needed to be eaten.

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