Recipes I cooked: April Edition

Lemon Poppy Muffins

Hi. How are you? Really, I mean it. How’s it going? The deeper we settle into this weird time warp that is self-isolation, the more I find myself grasping for routines and rituals – really anything to help mark the passage of time. I’ve resorted to working on Monday through Friday, and only doing cleaning and decluttering projects on Saturdays and Sundays to give an artificial sense of a work week.

This morning I managed to brush my teeth, shower AND PUT ON REAL PANTS before I sat down to write for the day. I don’t know if I should be publicly admitting this, but for me, that’s quite an accomplishment these days. I’ll take it as a sign that I’m coping okay, and that this is going to be a good week, even if it is more of the saaaaaaame.

We’ve all been doing a lot more cooking of late. I realize you might even be tired of it. The novelty of experimenting in the kitchen may have been replaced by general malaise and dread about how many dishes will need to be washed. And that’s okay, too! This is a judgement-free zone.

While my motivation to cook and try new recipes hasn’t waned, my patience for finding recipes to try online definitely has. So, most of these are from the New York Times (so sorry, non-subscribers). Here are the highlights from April:

Green Mashed Potatoes from the New York Times

This was a surprise stand out! I had received a big bunch of dandelion greens in our CSA box, and I had no idea what to do with them. After a quick search, I found Mark Bittman’s recipe and I thought, “That sounds goooood.” And it was!

Chicken Curry from Smitten Kitchen/Chetna Makan

We’ve been avoiding takeout, as things went from bad to worse here in NYC. Our usual spots aren’t even open for delivery, so to fill that void, I found myself looking for recipes that could replicate the experience.

Pretend that I’m whispering when you read this: This recipe was just okay. I know! I know! I love Deb and Chetna and all that they do respectively. But sadly it didn’t pack the flavor punch that I was looking for.

Sweet and Sour Eggplant with Garlic Chips from the New York Times

This was simple, easy, and totally delicious. In my opinion, you can double or even triple the amount of garlic chips because there is just never enough!

Slow Cooker White Bean Parmesan Soup from the New York Times

This is going to sound weird, but this was the “meatiest” vegetarian soup I think I’ve ever made. I don’t know if it was the fennel or the use of red wine vinegar instead of white wine, but it had such a lovely depth of flavor.

I didn’t have fresh rosemary, so I used dried. And I didn’t have any parmigiano-reggiano rinds either, haha. It’s a very forgiving recipe!

Lemon Poppy Muffins from the New York Times

Yes, I have been doing a healthy amount of baking. This wouldn’t normally be a go-to for me, but we had an excess of lemons for some reason. I don’t regret trying it one bit! But I do think they’d be better without the glaze.

Kouign Amann from

And of course, if you missed it, I made pastry dough for the first time! Definitely check out the post – it was a worthwhile afternoon baking adventure. And they were absolutely decadent to eat.

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