Nadiya’s Time to Eat Recipes

Salmon poke bowls, yum!

I was so, so excited when I saw that Nadiya’s Time to Eat was coming to Netflix! If I had to pick, Nadiya Hussain is still probably my all-time favorite competitor on The Great British Baking Show (GBBS). She was such an inspiration and such a pleasure to watch.

I don’t really keep up with most contestants from the show, including the winners. So, I used this as an opportunity to catch up on what she’s been involved in since GBBS, to learn more about her, and to try some of the recipes from Time to Eat.

About Nadiya

When Nadiya applied to be a contestant on GBBS, she was a full-time mom of three, working her way through a degree in Childhood and Youth Studies. She was a self-taught baker who learned mostly from books and YouTube videos. Nadiya writes that her husband, Abdal, was her biggest fan. He encouraged her to apply.

She is a first-generation British Bangladeshi, and has skyrocketed to being one of the highest profile Muslims in British media. Watching her on GBBS, I was struck by her energy, determination and, of course, her smile. It is impressive to see that she still brings all that, and more, to everything that she does. From what I’ve read on her website and in interviews, she is so generous in how much she shares and seeks to educate in regard to her life, personal experiences, and beliefs. She speaks and writes openly about a panic disorder she was diagnosed with as a teenager, what it’s been like for her growing up in an immigrant family, and what her experiences have been like as a muslim woman.

Nadiya’s Career

I also want to take a quick minute to highlight what Nadiya has done since winning GBBS, because, well, DAMN.

Nadiya has written five cookbooks, two children’s books, a novel and an autobiography. And I believe she’s working on her second novel, as well. Time to Eat is her most recent cookbook, to which the show on Netflix is the companion.

In television, she’s gone from judging the Junior Bake Off and co-hosting The Big Family Cooking Showdown, to starring in her own programs like Nadiya’s British Food Adventure and Nadiya’s Family Favourites. Oh, and she has her own line of dishware, candles and cooking accessories, too!

Seriously, just let that all sink in. It’s been only five years since she won. And I haven’t even touched on charity and non-profit work that she does in addition to all of that.

I haven’t looked into how to access any of her other programming here in the USA, but you can certainly order her books online. I also encourage you to check out her website, as it has a ton of information.

Nadiya’s Time to Eat on Netflix

Nadiya’s Time to Eat is decidedly more casual than the elaborate bakes I first watched her make. The focus of the show is time-saving recipes. She shares a lot tips and tricks for juggling a busy schedule and cooking for a family. She cooks in her own kitchen, she cooks with other families, and some episodes, she’ll also highlight a favorite ingredient, and the people that harvest and/or manufacture it.

Time to Eat is a colorful, uplifting show. I think I binged all eight episodes while baking pie from scratch one day. Nadiya shares a ton of recipes, many of which are available online through the BBC. I loved it and highly recommend watching if you haven’t already. It’s a very people-focused food show, which I loved and highly recommend.

Nadiya’s Time to Eat Recipes

So far, I’ve tried two recipes from Time to Eat, both from episode 3, Easy End of Days. I tried Nadiya’s salmon poke bowls and the beetroot and feta pasta. And even though I had to make a couple of substitutions, both recipes were quick, easy and still worked wonderfully!

Salmon Poke Bowls

Nadiya’s salmon poke bowls were a surprise hit. Once the weather warms up, I’m always looking for recipes that are as easy and versatile as salads, but aren’t quite salads because I like variety. This recipe checked all the boxes, and took about the same amount of time to pull together as a chopped salad!

As I mentioned in my May recipe round-up, I used fresh trout instead of salmon. I made mine with raw trout, and cooked the trout for my partner’s bowl. It totally works both ways!

What really pulls the bowls together is the spiced mayo mixture that you toss the fish in. I added some cucumber and tomatoes, because that’s what I had on hand. Really, you could substitute just about any vegetable you like.

Just look at the COLOR of that beetroot pasta sauce!

Beetroot and Feta Pasta

This dish honestly blew my mind. Beets are one of those things that I didn’t love growing up, but have come to enjoy as an adult. I’m still learning all the ways I like them cooked. Thus far, nothing surpasses simple, roasted beets. That is, until I made this pasta!

I used a combination of canned and roasted beets because, again, that’s what I had on hand (the recipe called for canned beets). I also didn’t have any feta, so I used shaved parmigiano-reggiano instead. While my penne pasta cooked, I pulsed everything in my food processor. And like magic, I suddenly had this beautiful fuschia sauce.

I loooooved this pasta. I still don’t fully understand why it’s as delicious as it is, to be honest. And how did I not know about beet pasta sauce?! It was so quick, so easy, and I like that it can easily become vegan if I leave off the cheese.

Time to Eat For Real

If these two dishes are any indication as to the quality of Nadiya’s recipes, I will certainly being trying many more before the summer is through!

And if you’ve watched the show or tried any of Nadiya’s recipes, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear which episode was your favorite, or which recipe I should try next.

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