My Favorite Pot

This post is part of an ongoing series I call Quick Bites. It’s where I capture random thoughts and share shorter posts. Enjoy!

Maybe it’s our current circumstances, but I find myself paying attention to the smaller details of daily living more than I normally would.

The other day, I went to grab a pot to simmer some beans for dinner. My mind was elsewhere as I went through the motions of food prep – I was probably thinking about how I planned to rearrange the bookcase in our bedroom, or Governor Cuomo’s most recent briefing, or if I had brushed my teeth that day (yes?). But as I grabbed what I needed from the cabinet and placed it on the burner, I paused.

I paused and smiled, suddenly feeling a great deal of affection for my pot. This little red enamel pot has become one of the hardest working tools in my arsenal. It’s the perfect size for making rice, soaking and simmering beans, cooking just enough pasta for two or making a box of mac and cheese.

The best part is that it isn’t even technically mine! It was part of my partner’s mishmash of cooking tools from before I moved in and proclaimed the kitchen my domain. He doesn’t even remember where it came from, whether it was his mother’s or his grandmother’s. And there’s not a mark on it anywhere to indicate when it was made or who made it.

I don’t know, really, what inspired me to slow down this particular time. It just sort of happened. There I was, smiling at my little red enamel pot as if it was a friend I hadn’t seen in while. I promise you I haven’t lost it.

But just as we look to friends and family and community leaders to help support us through these troubling times, I think it’s also interesting to consider the objects of utility that are also here for us, quietly supporting us in times of crisis. These are the tools that never fail us.

There’s a quiet kind of confidence that accompanies knowing that, come what may, I will still be able to simmer beans in my little red enamel pot. And I think for a brief moment, I finally realized that and appreciated it.

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