June Mood

To usher in each new month, I post a collage that I put together, both for mood and as a creative practice.

Collaged strawberries tossed on a white page

What a tumultuous time.

I continue to ask myself how I can be doing better. How can I better educate myself? How can I better support people of color? How can I better the systems and institutions I belong to?

They are hard, uncomfortable questions, and they are necessary. There have been so many great posts already published with resources and materials to help. If you haven’t already, definitely check out this post from Cup of Jo and this article from The National Museum of African American History & Culture.

Since I haven’t seen them mentioned much, I also highly recommend listening to a few specific episodes of The Sporkful:

Can A Restaurant Be For Everyone

When White People Say Plantation (Part 1)

When Black Chefs Created Plantation Food (Part 2)

I find the content and guests on The Sporkful to be interesting and consistently diverse. But these episodes in particular are thoughtful and poignant, and ask some really difficult questions in the food and restaurant space.

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