July Mood

To usher in each new month, I post a collage that I put together, both for mood and as a creative practice.

A collage depicting a single potted tomato plant with three tomatoes hanging off one branch

Hi! How are you? It’s so nice to see you again! I realize it’s been a while…

What have I been up to, you ask?

Well, I’ve been thinking about plants and phototropism, lately. And I’m imagining you’re response being something like…

“Wait, what?! That’s what’s been keeping you from posting these past four weeks?! That’s not even a food thing.”

You’re right. It’s not really a food thing. It’s also not really what has kept me from blogging this past month. Life just got in the way, I suppose. And you know I desperately need more human interaction if I’m having an imaginary conversation with you!

But, really, ever since I started volunteering regularly at a community garden, I keep picturing myself as a potted plant. And my pot keeps getting moved. I have no control over where or when I get moved, and all I can do is adjust my leaves to make sure I get enough sun.

Phototropism is the growth of an organism in response to light. Plants will turn their leaves and stretch out in whatever way they can to maximize their exposure to light. I mean, it makes sense, given that they need light to synthesize food for themselves. But it can also have a pretty astounding effect on what shape a plant takes as it grows.

These past few months have required so many significant changes for us all. And each time something changes, all we can do is reorient ourselves. Turn our leaves, yet again, to find what nourishes us.

Who knows what sort of shape we’ll be in once we emerge from our pots. We might be twisted, upside down and gnarly. But all plants are beautiful, even if they are twisted and gnarly.

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