Brain Food: A Link Tasting Menu (July 2020)

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Veggies from the community garden!

JULY 2020


I finally decided to splurge on some good quality olive oil, though the new vinegars are really what convinced me. I bought a bottle of Alive and Parasol.


Samin and Hrishi are back! And Nadiya calls in for a chat, making this my favorite episode yet.

I tried these meatless meatballs in last week’s groceries. They were really tasty! Can’t wait to check out their other flavors.


This article about Ben & Jerry’s long history of activism is a good read (and special thanks to Hitha for sharing it).

I made Artisan Bryan’s sourdough brioche recipe the other week. It was way easier than I expected, and it was gone in a flash.

I really enjoyed this conversation with Amanda Cohen, the chef and owner of Dirt Candy here in NYC.


My super talented friend, Casey, has been hosting bake-a-longs! She also happens to be the winner of The Great Chocolate Showdown. Her next class is this weekend! All bake-a-longs are free. If you can donate, please do.

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