BBQ, Feast or BBQ Feast?

A Memorial Day feast for two

This morning we went to the post office, bought iced coffee (oh how I missed it – see here) and took a long walk through Prospect Park. It felt almost normal! It’s a gorgeous day today in New York City – all that sunshine and greenery has infused me with a refreshed sense of optimism.

What are your plans this weekend? Will you be barbecuing? Or feasting on classic start-of-summer dishes? Or maybe just keeping things low key?

That’s our plan. Normally, we’d be joining friends and family for a proper backyard BBQ this weekend. Instead, we have a Zoom scheduled, and a mini feast planned for just the two of us. I’ll be making these turkey and vegetable burgers, some baked zucchini fries, chopped salads and ice cream sundaes.

However you decide to honor the holiday, I hope it refreshes you. I hope you breathe a little deeper, and smile and a little wider (all under a mask, of course).

Have a lovely Memorial Day Weekend! I’ll be back with a post Wednesday next week. In the meantime, comment below with what you’ll be cooking up 🙂

Update: Those turkey burgers were delicious!

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