Vegetable Kingdom

There’s a real sense of community and intention behind Vegetable Kingdom, the depth of which I don’t often get from cookbooks. Bryant Terry’s use of food as a medium to teach history and share memories, to discuss identity and to…

July Mood

I keep picturing myself as a potted plant. And my pot keeps getting moved. I have no control over where or when I get moved, and all I can do is adjust my leaves to make sure I get enough sun.

Nadiya’s Time to Eat Recipes

I was so, so excited when I saw that Nadiya’s Time to Eat was coming to Netflix! If I had to pick, Nadiya Hussain is still probably my all-time favorite competitor on The Great British Baking Show (GBBS). She was…

Diversity In Food

Diversity in food matters. I love learning about the cuisines of people who are not like me, and I love learning to cook food from people who are not like me. Food is never just food. Food comes from people,…

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Hi there. Do you love food? Me too! I'm Nikole. I’m an avid home cook who loves to talk about, read about and (now) write about being in the kitchen.